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Arpay Trade

We are an Ecuadorian startup, offering high quality, locally sourced, cruelty-free Alpaca apparel.

About Us

Our mission is to optimize export business Between Ecuadorian Producers and the international market. Knowing the market and real needs of our customers has helped us to improve our products. Arpay Trade offers a variety of alpaca handmade products made by Ecuadorian artisans. Alpaca wool is one of the finest materials available.

The Llama is an animal that comes from the family of camelids, these were domesticated by the Inca Empire. Llamas are highly appreciated not only as pets but also for transportation and the quality and quantity of their wool.

Alpaca wool, not condensing heat is an efficient and effective garment against cold and moisture. It is a garment that tempers the area in which it is used. Unlike sheep’s wool, Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin, so it does not irritate the skin. The colors that we use are natural from the Llama. We offer just pure alpaca wool.

Try our finest garments, straight from the center of the world.

Contact us if you want to buy or know more about our products.